Lodge Lauriston 72 T.C., George Town, Tasmania

Ladies and Freemasonry

Our ladies are a vital and integral part of Freemasonry and without them and their cherished support the fraternity would not function in today's society.

Freemasonry is a system of morality, which teaches good men to be better men, better citizens, better employers or employees, better husbands and better fathers and to uphold all the virtues of family life. To exclude our ladies from this mix would render the teachings of Freemasonry meaningless.

When a man decides to become a Freemason, his chosen lodge will assure themselves that he does so with the complete blessing of his family. Every Freemason knows that it is impossible to function in the fraternity without the full consent and cooperation of his partner and family and members are encouraged to involve the family at every given opportunity. The social activities of a Freemasons Lodge are of vital importance and all of these various activities are wholly inclusive of the family. Ladies and children can form lifelong friendships with people of all ages and backgrounds just as their men folk do. Our ladies may take great pride in their partner's progress through Freemasonry and form strong bonds with the lodge and in many instances work alongside the members for its well being.

It should be understood that a Freemasons meeting is a dignified occasion where the highest standards of conduct and behaviour are observed. The ceremonial component of the meeting is solely concerned with the teaching of a strict system of morals.

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