Lodge Lauriston 72 T.C., George Town, Tasmania

Who are Freemasons?

Freemasonry consists of a body of men banded together to preserve the secrets, customs and ceremonials handed to them and for the purpose of mutual intellectual, social and moral improvement.

A basic condition of admission into, and membership of, the Order, is a belief in a Supreme Being. This being essential and admits of no compromise. It recognises no distinctions of religion and while inculcating in each of its members the duties of loyalty and citizenship, it does not permit any of its members, either in Lodge or in their capacity as Freemasons, to discuss theological or political questions.

It offers no pecuniary advantages binding one Freemason to deal with another, or to support him in any way in the ordinary business relations of life.

Freemasonry teaches that a man's first duty is to himself, his wife, his family and his connections. No one should join the Order who cannot well afford to pay the initiation fees and the subscription to his Lodge, as well as to the Masonic Charities, and this without detriment to the comfort and well-being of those who have any claim on his support.

Therefore anyone, before offering himself as a candidate, should be well assured in his own mind:

• That he sincerely desires the intellectual and moral improvement of himself and his fellow creatures.

• That he is willing to devote part of his time, his means and his efforts in the promotion of brotherly love, relief and truth.

• That he is willing to attend a meeting for assessment.

The benefits of Freemasonry to those men who meet the necessary criteria are many and varied. The membership of Lodge Lauriston 72 T.C. comprises men of all ages and varied backgrounds. Therefore, it offers a rare opportunity to form lifelong friendships with like-minded men that may otherwise not be possible.

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